Wisconsin: America’s Dairyland

Wisconsin At A Glance

Official Name:  Wisconsin

Origin of State’s Name:  The Chippewa language, “Ouisconsin”, meaning “grassy place”

Other Nickname:  The Badger State

State Motto:  Forward!

Capital:  Madison

Population:  5,726,398

Area:  65,503 square miles (This makes Wisconsin the 23rd largest state in the United States of America!)

Currency:  United States Dollar (USD)

Language:  While English is the primary language, many languages are spoken here.

Size:  65,560 square miFall Colored Maple Leavesbadgerles

State Tree:  Sugar Maple

State Bird:  Robin

State Flower:  Wood Violet

State Mammal:  Badger (Go Bucky!)

State Rock:  Red Granite

State Fish:  Muskellunge

State Song:  On Wisconsin (Words by J. S. Hubbard and Charles D. Rosa, Music by William T. Purdy)

State Dance:  Polka

Highest Point:  Timm’s Hill, 1951 feet tall

Flag:  In 1943, Wisconsin’s official flag design was adopted and began its journey as an important symbol of our state’s history, industry, values, and people.  On the deep blue background of the flag, “Wisconsin” is spelled out, along with “1848”, the year in which Wisconsin became the 30th official state and member of the United States of America.  In the center of the flag, a miner holding an axe and a sailorWisconsin-printable-flag holding a rope flank the sides of a yellow shield with a number of signifant symbols, including an anchor, hammer, plow, and a pick and shovel which represent the main industries of Wisconsin.  The words “E Pluribus Unum” adorn the center of the shield… the motto of our country which means “out of many, one”.  “Forward”, our state’s motto, accompanies a badger at the top of the shield, while a stack of lead ore and a cornucopia (basket) of food are at the bottom.

Largest City:  Milwaukee (population 597,867)

Name for Residents:  Wisconsinites

Wisconsin’s Really Big Lakes:  Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Winnebago

Number of Counties:  72

State Beverage:  MILK!