Wish List – Lista de Deseos

“We 6th graders have never been so aware of how happy we can make people or what we could all accomplish if we just work together.”

~Carlie, CATH Participant

making art

Think for a moment about all the old erasers or colored pencils or aging bottles of paint at the bottom of your toy boxes.  Think about all the crayons your loved little ones have used- but for a moment- at the restaurant, waiting for their order to arrive.  Think about the paint brushes that were once used at the hands of your grand-daughter when she was discovering her imagination.  Think of all the things that we find so ordinary and perhaps plentiful… could their life be shared?


Consider making a material or financial contributions to the efforts of CATH.  Our work depends on the kindness, generosity and imaginations of those who share the vision of a better, more colorful world.

Items to consider…

Binoculars (used or new)

Spotting Scopes (used or new)

Gas Cards

Frequent Flier Miles

Financial contributions to print official Children Are The Hope art exchange paper

Liquid Water Color Paints (Red, Green, Blue and yellow are most needed; all colors are appreciated!)




Paint Brushes

Construction Paper

Pencils and Pens

Laptop Computer


Digital Projector

Laser Pointer/Wireless Clicker

Commercial printing for CATH informational materials

Children’s literature in Spanish (cultue- and nature-themed)

Wisconsin history materials suitable for grades 4-6

Field trip and outdoor learning opportunity scholarships for Wisconsin students

Might you wish to contribute something else?  Do you have a talent you’d like to share?
Children Are The Hope embraces your talent, time, and treasure.  Contact us.
We want to meet you and celebrate the color and beauty that we can share together.
Give us a call, send us a message.  We can’t wait to hear from you.


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