Mission and Vision – Misión y Visión

Children Are The Hope - Our Mission, Values and Philosophies

Nature offers a well from which many, famous or not, draw a creative sense of pattern and connection.

An appreciation of these patterns is not the sole domain of the arts, but of science and even politics.”

~Richard Louv

Last Child in the Woods

Children Are the Hope of the World!  Photo by Korie Klink



Our world’s young people face unprecedented environmental and cultural challenges and enormously complex decision-making processes as they emerge as global leaders.

Environmentally sensitive and knowledgeable children who are capable of making environmentally minded decisions may very well grow to be those that lead our nations toward sustainability, ecological stability, and a global culture of inclusivity and appreciation. Decisions are made with consideration to political, cultural, biological and personal complexities, values and beliefs. Children Are The Hope (CATH), based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, aims to contribute positively to the affective and cognitive advancement of elementary-aged children with hopes of developing long-lasting impacts on decision making processes in regards to the environment and culture. To accomplish this task, the CATH project model includes sequential classroom instruction throughout the academic year, field trip opportunities and an international art exchange.  Research has suggested that this unique model and approach to global, cultural, environmental, and art education positively impacts affective, cognitive, and action-oriented characteristics of students in both Cuba and Wisconsin.

This is our mission.

Our vision is a better world created by the actions of individuals and collective communities, supported by sound knowledge and a passion that drives all of us to be better people.  “Individually, we are one drop.  Together we are an ocean.”  (Ryunosuke Satoro)

Children Are The Hope - Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophies