CATH – Ankara, Turkey

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CATH is honored and privileged to partner with IDV Özel Bilkent Middle School in Ankara, Turkey.  Bilkent faculty and students set a standard for Hope and peace by which we should all strive to live.  Thank you, Bilkent, for being part of the CATH journey and for sharing  your vision of a better world with your students!

IDV Özel Bilkent Middle School’s mission is to prepare Turkey’s future citizens for active participation in the global community by:

  • fostering leadership skills;
  • integrating identity with cultural heritage;
  • learning through inquiry, experience and skilled use of technology;
  • knowing and demonstrating the importance of learning other languages;
  • embracing ethical and culturally appropriate values;
  • nurturing a principled, open-minded, sensitive and reflective self-image and;
  • thinking globally and embracing an internationally-minded world view.

    Bilkent’s CATH Faculty and Peer-Teaching Team (2017)